Conditions of Sale for Social Media Growth Services Supplied by Clout Media

By paying Clout Media for this and any of its associated services, you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement set out below and those terms as provided by Clout Media on its corresponding website Only commit to buy if you agree to these terms and are happy for us to process your order on this basis.

Clout Media strives where at all possible to honour all guaranteed Instagram growth packages sold through its website and associated social media platforms. In other words, if you purchase 1,000 instagram followers, that’s exactly what we will provide to you, the customer.

If, for whatever reason we are unable to commit to deliver the service you have purchased, then a written explanation will be provided usually within 48-72 hours from the date of purchase, and a full refund will subsequently be issued for all moneys paid in relation to your growth plan purchased.

However, we cannot make any guarantees of future engagement from any or all of the followers we have gained for you, nor can we make any guarantee that any or all of the prescribed number of followers you have purchased will continue to follow your account post the end of the growth plan.

Time frames as stated by Clout Media for all its growth packages are for guidance only and by no means a guarantee.

Payments to our basic, non-targeted guaranteed growth packages are for fixed terms, namely the duration period for the general execution of any growth or shoutout plan. Such associated fees payable for growth-related Services are non-refundable once we have commenced work on your chosen plan..

Important: Records of all transactions in relation to all media-related packages ppurchased via our website and on invoice, as well as exact transcripts of conversations between the buy and Clout Media, are retained for safe-keeping for the purposes of processing your order, and for use by us in the event in matters of dispute finantial or otherwise.

Our Commitment To You

We will support you through the planning approval process of your media growth plan and ensure a smooth and transparent service as follows:

• Provide you with a single point of contact for your growth plan
• Provide accurate, timely information
• Where required, we will message you to identify and address issues

Working together
• Talk with you to understand your needs
• Actively suggest options for growth and development where appropriate

• Ensure our information requests are reasonable and relevant
• Provide estimated timeframes for deliverables
• Be responsive and consistent in our dealings with you
• Keep you informed of any changes or updates to your growth package or shoutout programme

• Treat you fairly, promptly and respectfully
• Ensure our consultations and engagements are timely, genuine and purposeful