Q: What type of methods do you use for the Follower Package?

A: If you send over your content (which is in terms of Instagrams T&C's) we can use it and see if it works with our Niche, however we do have our own content that has proven to grow any niche rapidly.

Q: Are there any refunds?

A: Refunds will only be allowed if you decided to cancel before the agreed upon time, otherwise we will not accept refunds due to nature of service.

Q: How long do your follower packages take?

A: If you bought 1,000 followers it usually takes 24 hours to complete the task, so if you bought 3,000 it could take 72 hours or so to complete depending on content and how active it is, but you can use this as an average, we would contact you and keep you updated with your growth plan at all times.

Q: I want to make a Bulk Order how do I do this?

A: You could email us: customersupport@cloutmedia.co.uk and mention what you'd be looking for, we would then setup a new listing for yourself to purchase through if you were a new customer or we could invoice you if you're already an existing customer.

Q: Can you do swipe up link or link in bio?

A: Yes, if requested we would add a swipe up link to your post or link in bio with no extra charge.

Q: What if I don't see the product I am looking for on your site?

A: You can always email us: customersupport@cloutmedia.co.uk and discuss with us what it is you want doing, and see if it possible for us to fulfil your requirement.


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